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" Ray Kelly hits a home run with The Hourglass Principle! He gives an insightful outlook to clear, smart principles of selling successfully in a God-honoring way.”

Joe Champion - Senior Pastor, Celebration Church, Georgetown, TX.

"Thank you for your book, which included so many principles I

believe in and practical stories and suggestions for sales

leaders.  As you said in the conclusion, the book and the

principles included are for life and not just sales.

 From time to time, I get asked about books in this area and may point to your book.  Thanks for the good read!"

David "Skip" Prichard - President and CEO, Ingram Content Group, Inc. (Ingram Books)

"Ray Kelly shares a message that many corporations fail to heed - corporate responsibilty. Companies are great at making a buck, but fail too often in actually listening , and then, caring about what the customer actually needs. This book reinforced what I must do as a professional, and as a neighbor. This is a must-read for everyone, not just those in sales. Ray Kelly does a great job in showing how God's principles are still the best, yes, even in business. I love this book, and thank you Ray for the message. May God continue to work through you! "

    Florian Steciuch, CMPS - Certified Mortgage Planner at Benchmark Mortgage

"Managing the middle is a concept who's time is now. We used to hear about "business ethics". This book, gently using scripture, shows you how there is no such thing as business ethics, only your own ethics & moral compass. Ray Kelly's book "The Hourglass Principle" tells you not how to stick with your morals but WHY to stick with your morals and be honest in all you do."

Ruiz, Owner, Consider It Done,

"Need advice in marketing/sales?Find out if you're confident, or
arrogant. Read 'The Hourglass Principle' by Ray Kelly.  Wise
man. Great words. July 28,2009

The Hourglass Principle by Ray Kelly II ~ My favorite line "Doers rarely fail". Best advice: sales require a delicate balancing act. Good read.  July 11, 2009"

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The Hourglass Principle provides keys on how to be a better

sales person and a better person period! In this book Ray Kelly

gives techniques on how to move forward in your business while

avoiding costly, professional mistakes.”

Paul Mason - Associate Pastor, Celebration Church, Georgetown, TX.

“Whether you are new to sales or a seasoned veteran this bookwill keep you grounded on what is most important in your career and life – your integrity!”

Chris Coles - President and Chief Executive Officer, HyperQuality,Inc.

“I love it!  This book will impact your life and change the way you advance your sales career!”

Jon K. Hauck - Vice President, Sr. Principal, The Complex Sale, Inc.

“A refreshing view on how you approach sales!  This book can revolutionize your outlook on the sales profession.”

Ron Holton – Senior Pastor, Rockpointe Church, Flower Mound, TX.






















































Book Reviews

William J. Downey, JD, CEO

W J Downey & Associates International Business Consultants

" The Hour Glass Principal establishes a basic principal, one that I learned in the military and law school, you need to manage the expectations of those you are selling to.  This includes your managers/superiors, clients and subordinates.

Kelly’s basic theory is that in order to do this successfully there are key elements respect, integrity, focus and effort.  Ray has combined the Judeo-Christian principal of integrity and help into a winning formula for the full review"

Kim Martinez Blog - Staying Focused
"...I don’t think you can be good at any people-occupation without mastering the principles in this book.  Every sales person and leader should read it..."

Christian Book

Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars

This is an incredible book with Christian values stated throughout regarding the safeguard of your principles and integrity and I highly recommend this book for all Christians for use in their day to day lives and to all sales persons to use in their career....
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The Hourglass Principle: Maintaining Your Integrit&hellip by Ray Kelly III
5.0 out of 5 stars The Hourglass Princlple, June 4, 2009
In this book the lowest rung on the pyramid of sales is the Order Taker and that is my job and after reading The Hourglass Principle I found many ways to improve my skills not only in my job but in my daily life and my association with others....I highly recommend The Hourglass Principle to all Christians and sales people to hone your day-to-day skills and to keep your integrity....

5.0 out of 5 stars It's all about Integrity! , April 8, 2009
Highly Recommended & well thought out. This has helped me advance my sales career.

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Not Only for the Sales Person - Also for the Christian Individualsby 

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May 31, 2009: I highly recommend this book to all Sales persons who wish to maintain integrity in sales but also recommend this to all Christian individuals who can use the tips in their everyday lives associated with family, friends and co-workers....Very good.

You Tube

This is an awesome video and the? music that accompanies the video actually made me cry....Yes I want to keep my integrity so I'm definitely going out to purchase The Hourglass Principle.....

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