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Managing the Middle Ministries

"Your integrity is the only trait that moves with you from career to career." These words come near the end of one of the most powerful books on sales, professionalism and 'standing in the gap' between company and customer that I have ever read. It should be the 'textbook' for every sales organization and required reading for every student working towards an MBA. Solid principles in how to serve people, hold to your personal values and ethics, seeing both company and customer for the potential they hold, not just for product or payment.
This small book is loaded with clear guidance for everyone who desires to do work in a way that brings them personal fulfillment and honors the 'other' by serving them in a whole-hearted way.
I recommend this to anyone who stands 'in the middle' between product and people. This would make a fantastic church group study for young entrepreneurs seeking to build a business on core Biblical principles. might also gain some new insights as you 'stand in the gap'!" -- Sandra Wimpelberg, Life-Empowering Coach and Owner of G-A-P Coaching

Managing The Middle Ministries equips church leaders, church congregations, men's/women's groups, and schools with core concepts on how to effectively and efficiently manage the middle of your life without sacrificing your integrity.

Discuss topics can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours and beyond and at no cost (except possibly travel expenses) to the church.

Topics include:

  • The measures a business person can use to define their life.
  • 10 Scripture's every businessman should know by heart.
  • Discussion around the use of the H.O.U.R acronym.
  • The importance of managing the middle of business and personal relationships.
  • The eight pillars of managing the middle.
  • Productivity versus Production - How to produce as a Christian.
  • How to develop successful relationships.
  • Plus many others...
Topics include real world examples and Scripture references.

Ray is a fun, energetic speaker that keeps is audience at the edge of the seat.

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