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The Hourglass principle - maintaining your integrity in sales and life by managing the middle

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The Hourglass Principle is a unique book in that it blends traditional sales process with Christian principles.  It provides the sales person with tools and character traits that can be utilized to become successful in sales and life without selling out their morals or ethics.  The goal is to demonstrate by practical example and Biblical Scripture that sales people can attain greater triumphs in their career by maintaining strong moral standards and a high level of integrity. 


In The Hourglass Principle YOU, the sales person, are that central point in the middle in which all the grains of sand flow.  The difference is that in sales the grains of sand are information.  All the information from your company that needs to be conveyed to a customer or prospect flows from you, the sales person, to the customer.  Likewise, all the information from your customer flows from you to your company.  That central point of information is YOU.  How you choose to use that information flow defines who you are as sales person but also as a human being.  It defines the type of sales person and the reputation you will carry throughout your sales career.  In sales, there is no way to separate your career personality from your personal life.  The two will always be linked together.

Being in the middle of a sales deal is where every sales person wants to be.  In that position they have the ability to influence the direction of a deal and establish priorities that are the most important to the customer.  Being in the middle allows the sales person to sway the customer to focus on their strengths versus their competitors strengths.  It is crucial for sales success that you be the central point for any major sales opportunity.  There are eight pillars of being in the middle that are your keys to success.

1.       Be trustworthy

2.       Keep your integrity – Direct your moral compass

3.       Become a person others want to follow

4.       Treat as you want to be treated.

5.       Admit your mistakes

6.       Ask questions

7.       Finesse not fight

8.       Timing is everything

The Hourglass Principle
was designed to keep you focused on what is in the center of the deal you are working and the center of your life.  It is a focal point for the central core that defines you as a sales pe
rson and as a human being.  If used as a continual mental reference than you will be able to keep your priorities intact.  You will be able to focus your energy on what is truly important in your career and in your livelihood by not sacrificing moral values. 



"The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out."

Proverbs 10:9

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